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    In Greek, word marble means: "shining stone”. This is one of the most ancient finishing materials created by nature.

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    Limestone is today’s most popular building material in the world. It is characterized by strength, durability, ecological compatibility and by resistance to various types of damage.

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    Our company is engaged in the extraction of natural stone, its processing and sale, having four quarries of limestone and marble in the western part of Turkey. All our products are certified and comply with international standards and outstanding quality.

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Laganaki Marble

Turkish marble is beautiful, eco-friendly and durable material, marble decorations are always a symbol of refined taste of their owners. Marble is unique, primarily to the fact that the pattern never repeats. Our company offers its customers a variety of colours and textures from warm cream to the cold gray-blue. Our masters accept orders for fireplaces, fountains, mosaics, stairs, and various decor elements like marble columns, arches, balusters, handrails and others. We offer to our customers high standards of manufactured products, as well as the whole list of additional services from designs to installation at a customer’s site. Products out of Turkish marble which are made by our professionals - are true works of art. We will create a bespoke, unique interior for your home which will last for years.